Advanced base 16 BRAIN EM war at Virginia TECH, Emmet Township, and Colorado

RD-blog-number-5028by Herb Zinser reviews the human EM metabolism wars on EARTH.

A major electromagnetic (EM) murder event occurred in the township of EMMET.

emmet highway k small good

  1. 2 face charges in UWM man’s death – Watertown Daily Times ……

    An autopsy was being performed this morning on a University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student whose body was found in a shallow grave in the town of Emmet Saturday …

emmet township dodge

  1. Family says body found near Watertown is UWM student

    Police investigate death of Haroon Khan, 31, as a homicide. Oct. 5 … Authorities also found Khan’s Mitsubishi in a mini storage building in the township of Emmet, …

Nature’s SYMBOL MACHINE language word –> Emmet –> subset codes –>em + met –>  ElectroMagnetic  + metabolism.

em waves spectrum

  1. Accomplice in UWM Murder Sentenced – 620 WTMJ – …

    An accomplice in the murder of UWM student Haroon Kahn is headed to … LaFave admitted she did nothing to stop her boyfriend Travis Zoellick from killing Harron Khan.

The SYMBOL MACHINE  equation  embedded within the murder database  provides us with CLUES about the deeper leevls of REALITY that underlied the EM/metabolism tragic signal.

Equation –> Khan Zoellick –>  subset code intials —-> KH  + Z  –> giving KHZ

  1. 500 kHz – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Since early in the 20th century, the radio frequency of 500 kilohertz (500 kHz) has been an international calling


    distress frequency for Morse code

Thus we see Nature’s   EM WAR  message that we ought study and explain.


Let’s look at other CLUES In the NATURE’s  generated database  … that was generated by Nature’s creation of the murder EVENT  …. for the purpose of providing CLUES about the system problems.



Data —->

  • Family says body found near Watertown is UWM student › … › Milwaukee County

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

    Oct 5, 2008 – Police investigate death of Haroon Khan, 31, as a homicide …Investigators then went to a 20-acre property outside Watertown owned by the suspect’s father. … in a mini storage building in the township of Emmet, Nehls said.


.Investigators then went to a 20-acre

.Investigators then went to a 20-acre

.Investigators then went to a 20-ac 

–>  implies 20 ac  –> 20 alternating cycles


Township of Emmet –> Em + metabolism cycles problem


Haroon Kahn b100d –> alpha/numeric code symbols
–> b  + decimal number  100  + d



Thus we have the equation of EARTH ground 20 acres  and human b100d with number 100 –> 120  …………giving us a LINK to


AC_Sine_Wave 120 ac acres



Thus we have some relationship to the Nikola Tesla EARTH waves



Scalar Waves and Tesla Shields – Nikola Tesla – Father Of ……/…

according to Bearden, these radio waves, known as scalar waves, are far more … invented by Nikola Tesla, the electrical genius who lit the world: Scalar Waves! … the Earth as a spherical capacitor plate with the ionosphere as the other plate.


Tesla Shields 

Tesla Shields 

Tesla Shields  –> Township of Shields

next to  EMMET township

emmet township dodge


Nikola Tesla’s Earthquake Machine – The Excluded Middle

In the last years of the 19th century, technological alchemist Nikola Tesla may … A vibration sent through the earth returns an “echo signature” using the same ..

emmet highway k small good



Non Hertzian Waves – Nikola Tesla – Cosmic Visionary

Nikola Tesla constantly wrote about what he called non-Hertzianwaves. … concept of electromagnetic wave propagation through theearth or ground, Tesla was …


Thus … we have some LINK that ought be researched ..considering the geography state of   Wisconsin earth  …

the  EARTH mathematical-physics  sin wave features.

The  EARTH land/geography SIN wave features  are well known  …as the SINAI sin wave region  and its sin wave wars.

Below, notice the geography shape of the Sinai is like the bottom half, the negative half of the sine wave graph.

The negative half of the sine wave gives an influence on human thought and behavior …… expressed as….





Highway 16 passes thru Watertown and Emmet Township   …



and provides a Base 16 hexadecimal link to the April 16,2007 tragic EVENT at Virginia TECH.


Let’s look at the EM event at Virginia TECH.

Another blog post explains the situation   ..that relates to code –> EMMET.


The  student brain embalment  process

used at  Virginia TECH university

results in ERROR and death

Rd-blog-number-5042 by  Herb Zinser reviews the  modern WAR  to control the human brain.


To understand modern war …we need to understand some concepts.

First , let;’s review some ideas.



Nature’s SYMBOL MACHINE is comprised of  nouns, verbs, concepts, math equations,  flowcharts, etc.  The ideas found in math and science textbooks are part of the SYMBOL MACHINE.

Using Galileo’s suggestions  of  ” 2 CHIEF WORLD  SYSTEMS”   we now perceive Sartre existentialism as partitioned into 2 or more data spaces……. the  2  CHIEF existential entities

1) physical reality of objects: concrete highways, iron  automobiles, cellulose trees, humanoids, atoms. molecules, electromagnetic waves etc.

2) The world of symbols, concepts, process control system flowcharts, biochemistry diagrams,  math and physics equations, etc.

Maps and Territories – Rijnlandmodel

Language in Thought and Action, S.I. Hayakawa.
Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories
There is a sense in which we all live in two worlds.



 Thus we understand Charles Dickens ” TALE of 2 Cities”.



Thus we have the source domain of SYMBOL LIFE and thought that may get a mathematical-physics mapping to the destination range of physical biology with human proper nouns, human activities, etc on the geography surface of EARTH.


In this blog post, we will review ONE method used at  universities,,, such as Virginia TECH.


The tragic signaling EVENTS ..whose databases  that contain the data about the embalment process are:


EVENT 1 and   clue 1

Virginia Tech shooting – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Virginia Tech shooting (also known as the Virginia Tech massacre) was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia …

Student Seung-Hui Cho shot and killed 32 people on Virginia Tech’s campus in .

Cho, a senior at Virginia Tech, shot and killed 32 people and wounded 17 others in two separate attacks,approximately two hours apart, 


CLUE keywords  –>  CHO and 2 hours –> CHO and 2H –> information pointer for –> CHO and 2 attached to symbol H –> giving  CH2O

Thus we have Nature’s 1st clues about a process  using human’s as actors, messenger display devices, molecule military agents, etc..


Embalming chemicals – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Typically embalming fluid contains a mixture of formaldehyde, methanol, and other solvents. The formaldehyde content generally ranges from 5 to 29 percent …


Event 1 and another clue


Cho shot his first victims in West Ambler Johnston Hall. At around 7:15 a.m., Cho entered the room which freshman Emily J. Hilscher shared with another student. Hilscher, a 19-year-old from Woodville, Virginia, was fatally wounded.

Before we look at the Virginia TECH clues … we look at  SYMBOL MACHINE keyword–> embalment –> as a symbol equation about some process and its word /letter component codes.


Embalment –> Em + bal + ment –> implies –>  Electromagnetic (EM)  +  Basic Assembler Language (BAL)  + ment(al).


Thus we have 3 word /concept components.

Mental –> subset code –>  al –> alphabets/ algorithms/ algebra …..  such as the English language alphabet and Virginia TECH English department  approval of the misuse of language by marketing/advertising people, etc.,



BAL –> Basic assembler language for  copper-wire computers and human bio-computers

What Virginia TECH data exists to validate the BAL component of the composite word –> emBALment(al)  –> em + bal + mental


1st,  we  have the April 16,2007  computer science …. base 16 hexadecimal CLUE

2nd. we have the Norris Hall clue  –> engineering building –> implies mechanical  engineering, electron engineering, computer science and data processing, etc


About two hours after the initial shootings, Cho entered Norris Hall, which houses the Engineering Science and Mechanics program among others, and chained the three main entrance doors shut.

the 3rd BAL computer science clue ..required NATURE system’s  to create  a second tragic signaling event …….


Hence, the Darwin selection  for  his BALD head with identifier code –> BAL version D



This photo released by Virginia Tech shows police officer Deriek Crouse, who was shot and killed, Dec. 8, 2011, during a routine traffic stop on the school’s Blacksburg, Va. campus.
AP Photo/Virginia Tech



Motive a Mystery in Officer’s Death at Virginia Tech – The ……/same-gun-killed-officer-and-…
The New York Times

Dec 9, 2011 – BLACKSBURG, Va. — The man who shot and killed a campus police officer at Virginia Tech and then turned the gun on himself was a part-time ..


Now, thus far …..  we  have explained  the existence of a SYMBOL MACHINE language and people environment at Virginia TECH that allowed Nature’s DARWIN proper noun  system to  select proper noun CHO for the formaldehyde message project AND to program his bio-computer brain with the behavior instructions to ..schedule the shooting 2h(ours) apart   ….the  2H apart signal  EQUATES to the chemistry symbol.

In addition,  Virginia TECH provided a BAL  bio-computern specimen in ther format of a BALD policeman.


The keyword –> embalment –> em + bal = ment.


Ment –> was extened to –> mental  …with the code  –> al — >alphabets and the English department with Mr.CHO … an English major.


We are missing a human speciman  to represent –> EM waves

Let’s take another look at the Virginia TECH database ….. for more clues to this mystery puzzle.


Cho shot his first victims in West Ambler Johnston Hall. At around 7:15 a.m., Cho entered the room which freshman Emily J. Hilscher shared with another student. Hilscher, a 19-year-old from Woodville, Virginia, was fatally wounded.



Emily J. Hilsche


Em = electro-magnetic  hills –>  Electromagnetic hills & valleys ( the sine wave format)


Thus Emily Hils ..was a  bio-math bio-physics SECRET agent working on AM = Amplitude Modulation at AM = AMber  Hall


Amplitude modulation – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Amplitude modulation (AM) is a modulation technique used in electronic communication, most commonly for transmitting information via a radio carrier wave.

Amplitude Modulation. Fundamentals. In the modulation process, the baseband voice, video, or digital signal modifies another, higher-frequency signal called …

An amplitude modulated signal (below) where the frequency ratio of the carrier and modulating signals (above) is 10:1.


Police vehicles sit outside West Ambler Johnston Hall at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, Monday, April 16, 2007. The dormitory is where the shooting …



 Ohms Law…/02c%20Ohms%20Law.pdf

George Ohm has established experimentally in 1827 the following law. 1 … Ohm’s law, resistance and resistivity – summary. V I R. = ×. Ohm’s law in the form of .


How to Create a Simple AM Radio  at AMber Hall  with a  VIR  –> VIRGINIA circuit
13 Steps (with Pictures) › … › Hobbies and Crafts › Amateur Radio

How to Create a Simple AM Radio. AM radios are very easy and cheap to make and this one goes together in a very few parts. The circuit described below is for …


www.learningelectronics.net254 × 194Search by image

The simplest form of AM radio receiver is the so-called crystal receiver circuit. It gets its name from the very early days of solid-state electronics, .
Above..EARTH ground   with the VIR ground of the geography states of Virginia  and the STATE of MIND Virginia …… and its brain electron circuits they have resistance  to bull-stories and nonsense


Thus we see the components of the

embalment process  .. of  the student brain stem. 




Thus we see the Nature’s WAR with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission)  and their broadcast of television and radio EM waves directly into  the student brain stem  ….   and students and parents  approve of this EASY way to learn   ….. electromagnetic implants of course  subjects.


Need to take a  Spanish language class …..   get an EM implant in your brain st(em).


While this may be okay for the biochemistry and brains of  some types of human species/ cultures  ….. others have probl(em).



Communication Systems/Amplitude Modulation – Wikibooks ……Systems/Amplitude_Modulation

Amplitude modulation is one of the earliest radio modulation techniques.
The EMILY receivers used to listen to AMBER HALL …. AM-DSB-C are perhaps the simplest receivers of any …


Amplitude Modulation, AM :: Electronics and Radio Today › Radio

A free tutorial, information, or overview about what is amplitude modulation or AM,

the advantages
 of amplitude modulation and thedisadvantages of amplitude …




Thus Nature provided us with 2 equivalent messages –>

Formaldehyde (VIA Mr.CHO)


and the 2nd  verision


embalment(al)   VIA   EMILY, BALD police officer, alphabets of English department



Thus, we  see citizen approved FCC …   TV or radio broadcasts of word/music ATTACK  instructions to the human  brain bio-computer  … many things can happen.


Nature’s molecular  military  forces can  …. with  Darwin selection  ..can construct events to generate messages about the  human social and  brain communication system problems.


Now, let’s look at COLORADO   and 2 tragic signals.


Colorado –>
the  geography state of Colorado

and the STATE of MIND Colorado

and the eye/optical nerve PHOTON color processor


The 1st event ………

Columbine Massacre – School Shooting of April 20, 1999 › … › Decade By Decade › 1990 – 1999

On April 20, 1999, in the suburban town of Littleton, Colorado, two highschool seniors, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, enacted an all-out assault on Columbine ..

gree colorado


SYMBOL MACHINE   analysis of database ……….


April 20 –> ap + ril + 20–> Map riddle 20/20 vision

Littleton, Colorado –> subset word –> color


two highschool seniors –> base 2  –> double-helix war agents –>

Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris –> Dylan Harris –> DH code

page - dna image


two highschool seniors –> implies 2H

Colorado –> sunset code –> CO

Therefore the molecule equation —>  CO and 2H –> formaldehyde

cho form 2 separte events



Columbine High School shootings – Facts & Summary …

Find out more about the history of Columbine High School shootings, including … inside the school, where they gunned down many of their victims in the library.


down many of their victims in the library.

down many of their victims in the library.

down many of their victims in the library –> link to Virginia TECH English department

down many of their victims in the library.

down many of their victims in the library.

down many of their victims in the library –> link to Fort Hood Soldier READ center shooting.

down many of their victims in the library.

down many of their victims in the library –> link to Cole Hall oceanography class shooting over George Orwell  … OCEANIA  WARS 

Nineteen Eighty-Four – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

George Orwell “encapsulate[d] the thesis at the heart of his unforgiving novel” in ….. In 1984, there is a perpetual war among Oceania (and Cole Hall in DeKalb, Illinois), Eurasia, and Eastasia, the …


The other event in COLORADO involved Base 16 hexadecimal ….

2012 Aurora shooting – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia